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Santal – Marriage and Family

Marriage. Ideologically, the reasons given for marriage are to place offspring under the ancestor spirit ( bo&NA;ga ) of the husband’s clan and to secure labor for the land. Marriage may be of several types. William Archer notes fourteen forms, but the most important are bride-price and bride-service variants. Other alternatives are marriage by capture […]

Belief in Supernatural Spirits and Powers

of their race.  Skrefsrud thus traces in the background of the Santals’ religion a supreme deity called Thakur-Jiu; some identify him with Cando Baba (sun god), which is inaccurate.  What the Santals have in mind when using the word Cando (sun) is the manifestation of divine activity, a sign of the divine in relation to […]

Various Rites and Festivals

Various Rites and Festivals There cannot be any religion which has no external manifestation of its beliefs. The external form is the condition for the existence of any society or religion[98].  We have already noted that the religion of the Santals is based on the ways of entering into relation with supernatural spirits.  The communion […]


It is important to know those things which are significant for a particular tribe, especially those memories of the past and hopes for the future which the tribe holds, their self-appraisal, institutions and attitudes to which they are instinctively attached, in short, the things which make up the ‘Folk-Consciousness’.  According to W. J. Culshaw, “blood” […]

Short History of the Santals in Bangladesh

1. Historical Background of the Santals    Since how long the Santals landed in the territory of present Bangladesh, is not precisely known.  Some believe that the Kherwars[15] reached the land of Bengal immediately after the first clashes with the invading Aryan tribes (2500 B. C.).  With every probability the Santals landed in Bangladesh with […]

Santali Typing Software

Santali ( World’s Santals Recognized only one Santali Alphabet) Typing Software Ho̠ṛ-Katha-Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).apk ho̠ṛ-katha-1.0.1 Ice-cream Sandwich to Lollipop MR…llipop MR_1).apk Santali Unicode Typing software Ho̠ṛ Katha   Santali (Santali Alphabet) Typing Software Video tutorials Type Santali ( World’s Santals Recognized-Santali Alphabet) by HOṚ KATHA very easily , Step -1 Type Santali ( World’s […]

Historical background

Since pre-historic times, India has been the homeland of a large number of ethnic groups and cultures.  These various ethnic groups, believed to be the earliest inhabitants of the country, are known by various names [3], the most popularly and extensively known term being “Adibasi”.  Anthropologically there is no concept of “Adibasi” or “tribe” as […]

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